Adultery is the leading cause of divorce, but that is only if you catch them. We use many different methods to catch cheaters: We use GPS units to track their every movement. We use hidden cameras to record what goes on while you aren't at home. We use surveillance of the cheater to document what and who he's doing. We get all the evidence we can to use against the cheater in court.


Child Custody

In a divorce usually the most important issue is who is going to get custody of the children. We have spent hundreds if not thousands, of hours watching and videoing unfit fathers and mothers. We use their actions against them in court. Such actions include drinking around the children, abusing the children, having overnight guests while the children are present and on and on. Drugs are also an important issue in child custody. Alot of our custody cases involve parents that have been divorced for years and the non-custodial parent doesn't feel like the custodial parent is doing the right things - we find out. This does include fathers too. We have been very successful in getting fathers' custody.

I have numerous cameras that are used indoors and outdoors to record events. I have used these cameras to catch burglars breaking into a house, a boyfriend coming over to a cheating wife's house while the husband is at work, record a mother drinking in a bar then driving to pick up her children. There are a million uses for cameras that can be hidden. Give me a call and we can discuss if it is right for you and it is legal.

I handle quite a number of criminal investigation for attorneys throughout the state of Alabama. I have been involved in Fraud cases in Birmingham involving a HealthSouth CEO, I've also been involved in a bribery case in Montgomery involving an ex-governor. I have been hired in at least 20 capital murder cases and countless drug cases. Much of what I do is reviewing case files and locating and interviewing witnesses while visiting and photographing crime scenes.

My experience as a Law Enforcement officer has given me the opportunity to work hundreds of traffic accidents. From minor fender benders to fatalities, I have had training in accident diagram and I also offer a Traffic Reconstruction Expert that is available throughout the country.

I have worked hundred's of worker's comp cases throughout the Southeast United States. Setting up and surveilling an employee who claims to be hurting is invaluable in litigation. I have videoed numerous people claiming to be hurt and catch them painting houses, working side jobs and even water skiing.